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5 Benefits Of Using an Employment Agency in Ottawa

When you’re searching for employees for your business, it can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and cost you money. But the great thing is you can use an employment agency who can help you not only hire someone for your open position, but the right person for the role.

Here are 5 benefits of using an Employment Agency in Ottawa.

Save Time

Finding a quality job candidate takes time; time that you don’t have to spare as a business owner.

With TH Employment and Training Solutions, we offer a variety of services on top of hiring you the perfect candidate:

  • Post job advertisements online, via social media, as well as within our own employee database.
  • Review all potential candidates and ensure they have the proper qualifications and training
  • Training. Within the transportation industry as an example, TH Employment and Training Solutions provides road tests to all AZ drivers, to your standards by our licensed AZ staffing manager. Our qualified TDG instructors train all our employees in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
  • Full payroll services: We look after Federal taxes, EI, CPP, benefits, garnishments, vacation pay, direct deposit and record of employment.

Access to a Pool of Candidates

When you’re searching for a quality candidate, there is a chance that someone might miss your job posts, they forget to apply, or many other reasons.

Luckily, we not only have access to candidates who apply for a position, we also have a pool of candidates who might be a perfect fit for your job.

Save Money

Hiring a new employee can be expensive, before you even hire them! In fact, according to Workopolis, the average cost to hire is around $4,000.

Posting on various sites, paying for ads, and the cost of many useful recruiting software features can all add up. Not to mention the cost of paying one of your employees to set up ads, review candidates, conduct interviews, etc.

Less Risk

Using an employment agency is also beneficial, because you are not the one putting out the time, money and effort.

When you hire an employment agency, you know that you have a qualified recruiter, scouting out the best candidate for your open job postings.

Recruiting Knowledge

It might seem easy to find a new employee; just post and hire. However, there are many other factors and steps, of which, we listed a few above.

Knowledge of specific areas, knowledge of certain industries, and knowledge of what platform to reach certain people are all things a recruiter has expertise in.

Employment Agency, Ottawa Ontario

These are a few reasons why using an Employment Agency are beneficial to you and your business. If you have any questions, or need help finding your next employee, contact TH Employment and Training Solutions today!